Our meetings are always the second Tuesday of the month and have a theme to help get the creative juices flowing. We find it therapeutic and a way to gather with like minds around town!


Anyone is welcome to join! We started with a handful of friends and have evolved to a mailing list of over 50 people who occasionally join us and share their work on Instagram with #SSLetters!

One of our members started coming early on and has since then started her own hand lettered paper goods company - Meekly Yours!


The simple answer is drawing letters. There are a million different styles and ways to do it. Check out our list of resources that our members like. It includes places to get more direct info on how to get started and some of our personal favorite pens to letter with.


How it all began

The Unofficial Hand Lettering Society of Silver Spring was started as a fun venture by Christy Batta, a graphic designer for Christy Batta Design, a Silver Spring based design firm that does branding for non-profits; and Amina Ahmad, owner and maker of small batch candle company Handmade Habitat. Christy did freelance design work for Amina designing the logo for her business, which she partially hand lettered. We got started talking about how awesome hand lettering is and decided, why not meet once a month around Silver Spring to letter in company, and invite anyone else who wants to come! Thus, the Society was born. We outgrew Zed’s Cafe in Silver Spring pretty fast, and since then have been meeting in various restaurants and hot spots around Silver Spring. 

The first meeting of January 2016 was held at Catylator Makerspace in Silver Spring, MD and we loved it so much that Catylator invited us back every month! In 2016, all meetings will be held in that inspiring space with the creative owner Steve on hand to show us how to bring our lettering to life. Imagine laser cuts, stickers and more!


Promo postcard illustration by Nora Simon