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August Hand Lettering Doodle Session: HEAT

Thanks to Sarah Brown for this month's promo doodle!

Thanks to Sarah Brown for this month's promo doodle!

For those dog days of summer, join us this month and letter all your feels about this summer's HEAT. Will it ever be cool again?


WHAT SHOULD I BRING? Bring your favorite doodle supplies [paper + pens + paints + etc]. We will also have some paper on-hand as well as our PEN SWAP BOX for you to test out different style pens for your drawings.

WHAT IS THIS? The Unofficial Hand Lettering Society of Silver Spring is a free monthly gathering for hand lettering enthusiasts to letter in company. Every month has a theme to jog the creative juices, but we would never dare limit your creativity to the theme! Come make new friends, swap pen and paper secrets and meet other creatives in your community.

WHERE ARE THE MEETINGS? This is our LAST meeting held at (and sponsored by) Catylator Makerspace located at 8121 Georgia Ave, LL1, Silver Spring, MD 20910. In the future we will be rotating to different coffee shops and creative spaces in Silver Spring and beyond.

WHERE CAN I PARK? Parking is available in the parking lot off of Fenton Street & Silver Spring Avenue, or on the street. All parking is free in downtown Silver Spring after 7pm!

WANT TO GIVE BACK? Support the society by getting more involved! Join our mailing list for updates. Follow @SSLetters on Twitter + Instagram, and don't forget to use #SSLETTERS to share your lettering even between meetings & brag about your skillz! We'll repost on our channels, too! You can also help keep our hand lettering community alive with a donation today! Funds go towards putting on our community projects and providing materials at meetings. The Unofficial Hand Lettering Society is a completely volunteer based organization because we love our community. (That means you!) <3